Przewodnik po ścieżkach pieszo-rowerowych Gminy Łapsze Niżne


OsturňaOsturňa is a part of Spisz known for many dramatic historical events. They also influenced the Zamagurie region where colonization took place in the 13th and 14th centuries, just as in other parts of the region. Because of different descents of the colonists, an interesting national and ethnic mixture, so unique to Spisz, was created. Osturňa became the furthest west Ruthenian town in the Carpathian area. Farming became the second occupation of the residents after pasturing. The area was divided into long fields (so-called zàrubky), which were cleared, turned into arable soil to make it ready for cultivation. The town has an interesting pattern of building development – distinctive chain houses consist of homesteads and farmyards.