Przewodnik po ścieżkach pieszo-rowerowych Gminy Łapsze Niżne

Pokladnica Mountain in Kacwin

Pokładnica is the highest mountain in the vicinity of Kacwin. Its name derives from highland robbers’ times. It is the place where Janosik and his companions left their treasure. The highland robbers spent some time in this area, robbing nearby estates, taking money from the rich, giving some of it to the poor and hiding the rest in a cellar on Pokładnica. One time, they raided an estate in Niedzica. They stole ducats, gold, silver, food and even the wine from the cellar. The owner announced that whoever gave away the information about the location of the highland robbers and their treasure would be rewarded with a bag of ducats. There was a greedy man in the village who was brave enough to look for the lost belongings. He knew there was a cellar on Kurosówka where the highland robbers had been leaving the money and that it opened itself on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday. He did not want to wait. Instead, he immediately went to Kurosówka to find the treasure. When he began to dig, the wall started to tumble down and the stones almost killed him. He tried to run to Kacwin, but had to spend a night on Pokładnica on a high fir. Little did he know the cellar with the treasure was just under that fir. During the night, the robbers came back from an expedition. He watched them from above and found out how to get to the treasure. In the morning, when they left, he came down from a tree and got inside the cave with no problems. Loaded with the treasure, he began to walk towards the village. Suddenly, he turned to stone. To this day, he stands petrified on Pokładnica with the treasure in his hands.