Przewodnik po ścieżkach pieszo-rowerowych Gminy Łapsze Niżne


‘Cats’ spot’ – that is how the German name of the town, Katzwinkel, sounds in Polish. First written records about Kacwin come from as early as 1320! A certain isolation of the village comparing with other Polish Spisz towns has been good for its culture. It is now hard to find dialects or traditions cultivated as much as here. All Saints’ Church in Kacwin along with the family crest of Berzeviczy is well worth seeing, as well as the famous image of the Mother of God, which is commonly called a ‘Chinese’ because of her facial features. Apart from the church, a waterfall called ‘Pod Mynarzką’ on Kacwinianka stream is an another interesting thing to see. Other architectural attractions are the granaries covered with clay, which have easily removable roofs in case of a fire. It is a good idea to visit Kacwin during a Corpus Christi procession where you can admire traditional folk costumes. One of the Polish ‘long weekends’ belongs to Kacwin. Skiers have a 330 m long lift at their disposal. During family strolls you can look at interesting picturesque roadside shrines. One of the most valuable relics is a richly ornamented gold-plated monstrance, made in distant Augsburg in 1691.If you want to visit Slovakia, you can use a bicycle and pedestrian pathway, which reaches as far as Veľká Franková. This destination is convenient for people who are using the rich accommodation offer in Kacwin, where you can return the same day.