Przewodnik po ścieżkach pieszo-rowerowych Gminy Łapsze Niżne

Mountain Shelter “U Kazka”

Bacówka “U Kazka” – Kazimierz Furczoń

The first head shepherd approved by the European Union, Kazimierz Furczoń, has his shelter in Łapsze Wyżne near Dursztyn. Until recently, he was the only one who could legally sell a smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk called oscypek. He claims the remarkable taste of his products is the result of the herbs growing on the meadows where he grazes his flock.

The second one of his shelters is located in Leśnica, Podhale. In October 2009 during Poznań International Fair Kazimierz Furczoń was rewarded for the most eco-friendly farm and roasted lamb of the Podhale region he prepared himself. In previous years he received awards for bundz and redykołka (both cheese).